Other Spaces

When you hear our name, Cucina Kitchens and Baths, two spaces come to mind. Two rooms that demand both function and a feeling, one is a shared space that is often the heart of the home and the other room is for our time alone, preparing for the day or relaxing at day’s end. They are two important rooms, however a home has many more spaces that can be brought to life through planning aesthetically pleasing furniture designed to hold us in comfort, store items efficiently or to present our belongings with pride.

Cucina Kitchens and Baths will effectively design and build custom cabinets, creating truly functional storage solutions for any space in your home, tailored to your specific needs. We don’t build thousands of pieces of furniture at a time. We don’t build hundreds. We build one, yours. We like to point out, when a client looks through our portfolio, they are not seeing our style, our “look.” They’re seeing each client’s style, their look. That is because we sit down with each client individually and get to know what you want and need. By using this approach we can offer our expertise to optimize features of the furniture and design.

Whether you are looking to transform an office area, upgrade an existing living space or build the home of your dreams, Cucina does the job with timeless craftsmanship.

Providing cabinetry for any room in the home, office or commercial space. Cucina Kitchens and Baths specializes in space planning, design, material selection and custom cabinet manufacturing. In addition to working with homeowners, we have vast experience with bringing design concepts and custom cabinetry to a wide range of professional industries from medical and dental to bank interiors and more.

Cucina Kitchens and Baths brings custom cabinets and a refined design approach to:

● Entertainment units, home offices and extra rooms
● Cabinet design to compliment the style of existing furniture and cabinetry
● Functional layout and space planning
● Individually, tailored projects
● Banking, medical, dental, and commercial spaces